FC Nantes: "YelloPark project" is no longer in line with Johanna Roland


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Nantes did not need consultations to decide on the future of Yellopark, as this could apply to the Notre-Dame-des-Landes airport project.

But before many public consultations "exciting and … passionate"Johana Rolland did not wait for more than fourteen months (already a considerable delay) to change the course.

"The first point: there is no longer an urban project launched by a group of realities. Today even tomorrow. On the other hand, a new space financed by the private sector will be born. In addition to the La Beaujoire stadium, which maintained the sports profession. "

Everything is said ….

Back to the past. We are September 19, 2017. Johanna Rolland this jointly predicts Waldemar Kita, President of FC Nantes and A group of realityit drives it Yoann Joubert, confirmsin Metropole Nantaise.

This project has the name: YelloPark. In the summer of 2022, the new stadium in La Beaujoire will ruin a new 40,000-seat space. The environment will also change, both at the level of shops and real estate.

In addition, since September 2017, everything is not going as planned. Opponents of the YelloPark project are becoming increasingly urgent. Inhabitants La Beaujoire, traders and part of the fans at the Nantes club are particularly pressuring Johanna Rolland to rehabilitate the present enclosure, it is more than building a new stadium.

In the next one and a half years, the next municipal election, she knows that she must survive her voters if she wants to join another term … For several weeks, consultants have been consulted in the offices of the city hall for solutions.

A group of reality there is a big loss of this change of course.

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