Endometriosis: The call for help from gynecologists to create expert centers

Long taboo, endometriosis is finally the subject of serious research. This chronic gynecological disease affect at least 10% of women aged childbearing. It causes the scratching cycles, infertility problems, serious digestive or urinary disorders, energy losses.

However, today, researchers shave and accelerate around the pathology of intimacy, the authorities must become more involved, says François Golfier, who faces the endometriosis commission of the National College of French Gynecologists and Obstetricians (CNGOF). This Friday, we discover it, the CNGOF will go up to the plate and ask the state for help to set up expert centers of this disease.

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What are the symptoms needed to be consulted?

FRANÇOIS GOLFIER. Pain during the period is the leading symptom of endometriosis. But the risk in this is to disappear many women. It is the intensity of the pains and the alteration of the quality of life that must be agile. Not being able to go to school or work because of his rules, to be socially embarrassed, not normal. Pain while having sex or going to the toilet should also be taken seriously.

The problem is the management of the disease. How to do better?

Our work is the development of regional expert centers to reinforce skills. The English have for ten years. It would take thirty in France. The idea is to organize care, provide training, promote better learning, develop research. But we run into blockages.

What blockages?

The political time does not seem to be the medical time … We are blocked by the public authorities, probably due to the company centers to unblock money. We are attached instead of dark care while the college of gynecologists and patient associations confirm the importance of the centers. We are fully determined to fight.


We have written to the Department of Health to express our surprise and will continue to say that it is not right. It's not my patience to be pissed, but here we are wasting expensive time for the patients. It is tired of thinking, we must act.

The patients reprobate the gynecologists for their lack of listening. An Expert Center will not solve that …

Listening to women, their pain, is supreme. The colleague hears their request. But the disease remains unknown by a number of professionals. Therefore, the importance of initial training, but also continuous. Be aware: Today Endometriosis is not on the lecture of the medical examination! It just takes political will to fix it.

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