Discover melancholic folk songs "Wooden Wolf"

"My music, I want poetic and deep," explains the songwriter and composer of the "Wooden Wolves" Alex Keiling. Meeting in Strasbourg on the sixth album "Winter Variations" (Deaf Rock Records).

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Alex Keiling is in the hands of a great singer who died in November 2016, collecting Pink Floyd and Leonard Cohen. Clean the melodies to create a space for words and emotions. "It's exorcism," says Alex Keiling. "This is a form of art therapy, this is the same procedure, because I wrote my first song when I was a kid, I write that things turn out, I think it's good." The nostalgic folk heritage demanded by the The Wooden Wolf group, which offered on November 8 a public Strasbourg concert to celebrate the release of this 6th album. Waiting for other dates to discover them on the stage.

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