Dimitri Payet: "We needed it"


Find the reactions of our captain Dimitri Payet and Boune Sarr, after winning against Dijon 2-0.

Dimitri Payet: "We needed it"

"It is obvious that it is good to regain the victory, we needed it, it was important, we knew how to do it, it was not easy, we were no longer threatened, I think we managed the game and in the second half gave the ball a little more so that we can oppose them When we achieve two goals, we do not take it, it feels good. I saw a team that came very dirty with their shirt because we fought for each ball. This is important because we have to be outside of the beautiful, effective.
Adil is involved in both ends. It is very rare that the defender is involved in both goals, so this is great for us. I think it will be good for him too. "

Bouna Sarr: "We started strongly"

"It relieves us, it necessarily makes us well ahead of the break, it was not easy because at the end of the match, we only took the lid. I do not think that we care about the content, and you need to be patient in order to register this second goal.
We could start this match with enough power, we had many opportunities. She's positive tonight, three points, she wins. It was already some time since we did not win, obviously there was little agitation before this, but we quickly found out that we were inside and we managed to win. We are pleased with Adil (Rami), he will be fine too. It's a pleasure. "

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