Dance with Stars: Special Michael Jackson Nights: Top 5 Highlights


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Exceptionally, this Thursday, November 8th, TF1 released a new bonus Dance with Stars. Did you miss in the evening? Do not panic, here are the 5 most important points of the seventh addition.

1 / The
the presence of Michael Jackson's "spiritual son" on the set
Salif Lasource is now a star of networks
thanks to his dance steps inspired by the King of Pop, Michael Jackson.
the young dancer was an exceptional guest of this seventh bonus Dance with
. The possibility for viewers to discover their own lunar path

2 /
Terence Telle wins 10
After that suffered damage
the cervix
Terence Telle is finally back on the floor Dance with the stars this Thursday 8
November. Partner Fauve Hautot decided to take revenge and
call his idol, Michael Jackson, at the address Pretty young thing. Thanks to his very successful moon and chess,
even a model the first 10 competitions Patrick
Dupond: "You gave us everything from Michael, you're an elf.
you get the technique, but you are the spirit of Michael Jackson. With Fauve
keeps it completely. For me this is a complete success. "

3) Besen trio with iris
Mittenaere, Anthony Colette and Jordan Mouillerac
seventh bonus of Dance with the stars A special Michael Jackson was also reached
with a size test: dancing in a trio. She was also accompanied by Iris Mittenaere
Anthony Colette and Jordan Mouiller for flamenco, which is furious for recovery
for Bella from Kendi Girac.

4) Pamela Anderson gets a new one
Anderson covered up good notes. Despite her recent injuries, the actress
continued progress on the array Dance with the stars.
For her second dance, Pamela Anderson is surrounded by Maxime Dereymez and
Katrina Patchett. Trio danced at the title Play for
Brigitte Bardot. Successful performance by Patrick Dupon, who rewarded
10 to Pamela Anderson.

5) The Drawn Duo is …
After a close encounter with Terence Telle and Fauve Hautot, Pamela Anderson and her partner, Maxime Dereymez, were finally eliminated after the seventh prize. Disappointment for an international star, who still held a smile: "I'm very grateful, thank you for everything. I had a lot of fun, I hope everyone was having fun when I was watching a dance. "

Relax Pamela Anderson and Maxime Dereymez!

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