a six-month suspended sentence by Ibrahim Maalouf for sexual assault


French-Lebanese trumpeter Ibrahim Maalouf, who kissed a student in Montpellier during a trial shooting in 2013, was beaten on Friday for sexual assault in the Créteil Criminal Court. They demanded six months of probation.

Musician Ibrahim Maalouf was prosecuted this morning at the Créteil Criminal Court, accusing him of kissing a schoolboy during his one-day practice in his study at Ivry-sur-Seine.
Ibrahim Maalouf, 33, who always acknowledged "a single act" that he "immediately regretted" on the ground, kissed the girl, during the age of 14 and the third school, the outcome of this week's traineeship. But his parents reported to the prosecutor in Montpellier one year after the act), where they lived with their daughter and the investigation began. It led to the detention in January 1997 of 37-year-old Ibrahim Maalouf.

In love with a musician

The girl "began to be ashamed, made a bulimia, saw a doctor and showed that they were sexual militia," says family lawyer Jean-Baptiste Moquet. For auxiliary justice, a girl who "loved" the musician and "fascinated" him, wanted to protect him.

The preliminary investigation was open to "sexual abuse" involving the consent of a minor. However, "at the end of the investigations", the prosecutor concluded that "there was no consent of the victim and Ibrahim Maalouf decided to refuse in court a" sexual assault ".

Kiss by Ibrahim Maalouf

According to the version of a young woman, now 18 years old, the musician would have kissed her for the first time at the cinema's exit. There is a "kiss with a tongue", "a kiss," according to Ibrahim Maalouf. For him, there was a girl who was at the source: "I took her wrists, she walked away from her without kicking her."

Two days later and according to the version of the girl, the musician will again kiss him in his recording studio where he trained. He would "catch the pelvis" and mimic the sexual act. "I felt his cock behind me on my buttocks," she told researchers. "In any case, I did not have any physical or sexual attraction" for this "teenager", defended himself, Friday musician, feeling "guilty", "I can not set limits".

Forgiveness required by the defense

There is no doubt about the prosecutor. It was a "surprise" and a "limitation". In his demands, the judge emphasized the "non-danger" of Ibrahim Maalouf and warned that he did not want to require that the latter, who teaches music to young people, can no longer work with adolescents. "There are times when each of us can do the crimes," he said.

In his speech, lawyer Ibrahim Maalouf, Maud Sobel, spoke of a girl's "sad love" who "would like this violation to continue". She refused the exemption, she found that there was no evidence to support her guilt.

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