What Cristiano Ronaldo told Gonzalo Higuain for a red card


Argentinean lost his head completely after being sent (Picture: Getty)

Cristiano Ronaldo hopes that Gonzalo Higuain avoids further penalties for his spill after being sent to Juventus and says he has tried to reconcile his old teammate.

At the head of AC Milan, Higuain, there was an adventure that lost the penalty of the first half to equalize the results, and then later in the game, within seconds after he had agreed with the referee.

Higuain completely lost his cool, and he had to draw him with tears with his teammates, and Ronaldo says he tried to prevent him from coping with further troubles.

Higuain complained to the referee and made a terrible move (Image: Getty)

"I told him to calm down, because he risked an even more serious ban," Ronaldo said Sky Sport Italia.

"He did not do much, he was irritable in the loss of the game, this is understandable, and I hope that he does not penalize too seriously".

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I was told about the incident by Higuain: "I have to apologize to my teammates, trainer, supporter and judge who knows what I told him.

"At the same time, the judges must understand the feelings of the moment. That's how I reacted, I should not have done it, so I apologize to my teammates, coach and supporters.

Higuain apologized for his emotional reaction to send him (Picture: Getty)

"It was a yellow card, the decision was, I apologize for the reaction and take responsibility for it. When you play against your old club, it seems to be different.

"I take responsibility, I know it can not be repeated, but at the moment we are lost and we are not robots. We are human beings, we have emotions.

"I'm wrong, I'm sorry, and I hope it will not happen again. I'm a very emotional person and a player, so it's sometimes difficult to control my feelings. You can just say how I like it."

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