Tomorrow's TV comes today with the introduction of TV2GO


TV2GO is a new aggregation platform that provides access to content from different locations, including linear channels, music channels and video sharing sites, including YouTube and Vimeo.

Channels cover a large number of categories, such as news, finance, religion, sports, children, music and more. The content is refreshed every two months, and much is adapted to the local market, including some Zulu software programs.

"Content is unique to this platform. We adapt content and linear channels to people on the market," comments Yaron Chen, chairman of the board of Infinivy.

As long as the user has an Internet connection and data flow, they can watch TV2GO content on their laptop, smart TV, tablet, or mobile device anytime, anywhere.

The football legend, Jomo Sono, President of Infinivy, has helped bring the platform to South Africa. It explains how TV2GO will change the local content market and why people will be involved in watching:

There are no subscriptions, only data costs

The platform is free in the sense that users do not pay any subscriptions, but they still have to pay the cost of the data.

Sindy Snow (left) Guides with Yaron Chen and Jono Sono (right) Infinivy

Vodacom collaborated with TV2GO and explored ways to bring content to its customers in a more smooth way. These are affordable coupons for viewing and installing the platform in the Vodacom application.

"The trick is to listen to people and ask them what they want to see. What channel should they look at? It's about opening up communication with people and asking them what they want to see, then putting it on the platform," explains Sindy Snow, head of the Digital Advertising Project Vodacoma.

People can answer this question and make recommendations for content on the Facebook page of TV2GO.

For the company and its partners, the platform will earn the platform with pre-loaded ads, with four to eight slots scheduled for a three-way window. The team is striving for any brand that is a potential advertiser who has money.

There are no competitors

Chen thinks that TV2GO is not a direct competitor, as "there is no free television in the South African market" and that "this is a new concept all over the world". But she sees wage television as an indirect competitor.

It also acknowledges that Netflix and Amazon have a large library of videos and movies, and sees them as a complement to TV2GO rather than competitors because bids are different.

How TV2GO arrived in South Africa

The journey began some years ago when Sono visited Israel. He saw the TV2GO on television, at the office he visited, and after hearing more information about it, he thought it would be appropriate for the South African audience.

The technology of the platform was developed five years ago by the Israeli company Cast-TV. Since then, it has brought to several markets outside Israel, including Russia, Romania, the Czech Republic and now South Africa.

The plans will be introduced in the near future to three other African markets, including Nigeria and Ethiopia.

Officially launched a month ago, TV2GO already has 30,000 users in South Africa.

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