The conference on talks on African talks encourages the development of entrepreneurship and the development of young people


TechInAfrica – The Africa Talks Jobs Conference was held from 30 to 31 October 2018 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. More than 160 representatives from young people, companies, education, investment, policy making and civil society in Africa, as well as several partners from Europe, attended the conference in Africa. They were mainly talking about how to prepare young people for the world of entrepreneurship and to develop their knowledge.

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According to H.E., the Commissioner for Human Resources, Science and Technology of the African Union. Prof. Sarah Anyang Agbor, to promote youth entrepreneurship and job opportunities, there should be "strategic partnerships and cooperation with the private sector". Above all, this is the main key to solving the youth population and unemployment.

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Concerning the promotion of youth entrepreneurship and the development of skills, stakeholders have highlighted several policy recommendations for this idea, inter alia:

  1. The African Union and its members should create entrepreneurial ecosystems and institutional and regulatory policies to promote the idea (youth entrepreneurship)
  2. Create a paradigm of the role of education in preparing young people for entrepreneurship, which becomes important. This should be well realized before the beginning, from TVET to higher education.
  3. Strengthen cooperation between education providers and the private sector through the creation of national and regional centers for incubation and entrepreneurial centers.
  4. In order to meet the needs of educated youth, the TVET policy framework should be created.
  5. Provide more reliable, accurate and relevant labor market information (LMI) for work coordination and decision-making
  6. Let young people take part in dialogue and career development and employment.

Policy recommendations submitted by stakeholders were then delivered to H.E. Prof. Sarah Anyang Agbar to follow them. These Policy Recommendations are considered to be the African Union, as part of Africa's Job Creation Platform.

They talked about a conference organized by the AUC and supported by the European Union (EU) and the German Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) through the Pan-African University Program (PAU), the African Science Initiative (SIFA) and the Agriculture Program for Mainland Africa (CAADP).

"BMZ is pleased to be able to support the African Union in promoting its reference power through Africa Talks Jobs conferences and looks forward to continuing friendship and partnership with AUC, Business Africa and NEPAD," said BMZ Country Desk Officer, Anja Pauls, who discussed the initial discussion at the conference.

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