The coach of West Indies is not a modest talent, real coach Stuart Law


"The West Indies Cricket is not a lack of talent, but the level of knowledge is always present. It's about using these skills and the right decision under pressure in the middle of the game. It's hard to study there in the middle," said the 49-year-old Australian, who will soon join the English municipality of Middlesex.

"Previously, as later, we will get better results, better equipped players. International cricket is a beast and learn your cricket, it's hard to ask."

The law said that a tough tour of India is a great learning experience for its young site and no matter what the final result will only be home-made positives.

"It's a young team and they are learning at work. It's hard to learn in this environment against one of the best teams in the world," he said.

"They have full potentials, now to them, whether they really want to work hard or not, play really good cricket, listen to coaching staff and older players."

When he lost the series, the West Indies coach said that his players will definitely play for pride in the last race of the tour.

"I hate lost, it's a heavy tablet that we can swallow, we did not have that much joy in this tour. It's time to dig deep and play for pride and put everything in the last game." Our potential can be defeated by any team on our day. We need to improve a lot for this level, "said Law.

The law said that Indian captain Rohit Sharma made all his difference with his stormy century on Tuesday.

Rohit was in his brutal best position as he reached 111 points with only 61 balls, so India filled 195 for two.

"Rohit Sharma could hit any bowler around the park on a particular day, play very well and take away the game from us. It's hard to learn to play against a player like Rohit Sharma who can destroy you every day," he said.

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