Rebel Wilson is certainly not the first leading player of the rom-com plus


Rebel Wilson teaches in the hard way that often as it does not, bragging his pride and apologizing is the best way to handle the mistake. After the sudden days after her claim last week Ellen DeGeneres Show that she was "the first girl of size who was the star of a romantic comedy" that refers to the upcoming film It's not romantic, the actress admitted on Monday that she was wrong.

Wilson's excuses came after fans and film critics pointed out that she had failed to recognize a part of actresses such as Ricki Lake, Queen Latifah, and Mo? Nique when she claimed to be the first positive star of romance.

Although Wilson suggested them without immediately recognizing her wrong rate In reality, actresses are not considered as more customers and continued with the blocking of critics, many of whom are African Americans who have called on Twitter. From then on at least some of these critics have been unblocked.

Before apologizing, Wilson was specially devoted to the task of erasing how inclusive black films were women of all sorts of bodies. Given the history of the entertainment industry of marginalization and the payment of black actors and the lack of black film criticism covering the industry, the initial release of players in a black Hollywood contribution to the inclusion of size has caused outrage.

It's not romantic is controversially charged as a "game changer"

It's not romantic, played by Rebel Wilson and Liam Hemsworth and will be released on Valentine's Day, has been charged as "changing games" for the moment of physical positivity. (The trailer for the movie is out, and Wilson has discussed the plot while promoting it.)

In Wilson, she plays a woman named Natalie who hates rom-coms, because she usually rely on Julie Roberts, not a larger woman than she is. But when Natalie hits her head, she is known to live in rom-com, along with a wonderful envoy (Hemsworth) who falls in love with her at first glance.

ABC & # 39; s Good morning America program has announced that the PG-13 film can be a "body swap changer", especially for teenagers. The morning performance also compared the film Crazy rich Asians that this could make for the diversity of the body CRA for ethnic diversity on the silver screen.

However, the reflection on the film is problematic because something extraordinary must happen to Natalie in order to attract a desirable partner, and this sister, instead of Natalie, is the one who helps her change her own view of herself.

Nothing radical about a woman who decided to be kissed after a man did it first. But at a time when diversity has become a selling point, either body or ethnic diversity, it is easy to see why It's not romantic it was marketed as a "game changer".

But the movie really is not. Movies like Amy Schumer I feel fine, although not rom-com, explored the body image recently, as it was in the spring. And Netflixa Sierra Burgess is a loss, which debuted in September, recorded the romantic experiences of the "average look" of the teen.

It's not romantic it may not actually be a game changer, but this feature of the movie, which probably led to the reaction against Wilson's remarks. Wilson, who wanted to play the role of a pioneer, wiped off the players of the size plus, many of which were colors that had already been played by romantic filmmakers who did not rely on a fantastic assumption to move the plot.

When Wilson asked in a tweet whether actresses such as Queen Latifah and Mo 'Nique, a real' plus-size 'in filming, probably originated from her desire to put her new rom-com into a revolution. But by doing so, she inadvertently warned of how few black black women get for their work in the entertainment industry and elsewhere.

Common and Queen Latifah star in Just Wright

Common and Queen Latifah on location for Just Wright on the streets of Manhattan in 2009.
Bobby Bank / WireImage

It is also worth noting that American Ferrera, with a large number of stars, was in 2002 The real women have curves. The film did not focus solely on the relationship between her and her mother at a clothing store in Los Angeles, but a romance with a boy from a completely different class and ethnic background.

For years, women have been in color in various sizes and shapes. They played friends, family members, colleagues and occasionally loved interests.

In order to avoid the protests that are now dominating over their romance, all Wilson had to do to recognize this fact. For example, when last year launched its own line of clothing for the plus-size Rebel Wilson x Angels, for example, it did not sell it as the first Plus Plus apparel brand because it would be absurd. Instead, she simply discussed why the need for a clothing line was in size from 14 to 24.

"Obviously, it seems to me that the fashion of the plus-size is missing and because the average size of American women is from 16 to 18, why there are no more brands, more options?" Wilson said at a party for her line. "The style should not be stopped only at size 2 or 4."

I could make a similar statement on her new film without advertising it as the first such film, but she stressed why it is important for women of all kinds of bodies who play love interests. In doing so, I could point out the actresses who went there before she did it.

Why is body diversity more widespread in films that play the colors of people?

There is a reason that the diversity of the body is more prevalent in films in which the colors of people play, and that is not all positive. Since the golden age in Hollywood, large black women have appeared in cinemas because of racial stereotypes that labeled women's colors as "mamies" or "jezebels".

Think of this dichotomy as a dissolved version of madonna / whore stereotype. While the frogs are rooted in hypersexual stereotypes about black women, stereotypes about "mothers" are framed by black women as heavy, asexual caretakers of white families.

Actress Hattie McDaniel, the first black woman to receive the Oscars, won Oscar for the role of "Mammy" in Take off with the wind. She would have played the job more than 70 times, as the character was one of the most popular African American women's films.

Vivien Leigh and Hattie McDaniel in Gone With the Wind.

Hattie McDaniel squeezes Vivien Leigh's corset v Take off with the wind.
Silver Screen Collection / Getty Images

In the 21st century, the crew did not completely disappear. The actress Octavia Spencer talked about how often she asked her to play the role of guardian and even win an Oscar for playing such characters in 2011 Help.

Today, viewers watch movies with black and white letters in size plus as romantic waters; is not considered to be a ground breaking, for example, in the film appeared Queen Latifah, who faced the common.

But this does not mean that fat in the black community is not a problem. This is a problem in pretty much every community, and many black films in which larger actors play as they lead. Mo 'Nique commented on both her feelings about dry women and her efforts to lose weight in her writings, comedies and social media. And she was one of the black actresses who were directly tweeted in Wilson because she falsely claimed that playing a love interest had become a pioneer in size plus.

"Take a moment and know the history," the comedy was tweeted in Wilson. "DO NOT REMEMBER PARTY. I wish you the best."

Mo'shee's words speak for Wilson's many criticisms. In addition to asking her to apologize for her mistake, Wilson wants to admit how the integration of Hollywood size has largely begun with African Americans.

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