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Pete and Courtney crowned the House Champions of 2019


On Tuesday night, Australia watched as Pete and Courtney are crowned the House of Champions' 2019 rules.

The Victorian couple got an almost perfect score for their luxury loft renovation – but it's not an easy run, with both Theme & Mat and Lisa & Andy delivering spectacular zones.

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"We have a bit of a viewing party in our pretty new home," Courtney said.

"We have had our closest and dearest to us so we can all hear the results together."

Taking risks

Pete and Courtney have given the ensuite, walkway, dining, master bedroom and laundry.

Pite said: You had to withdraw when you renovated a whole house in a week.

"You just have to. And we knew we had to make bold decisions and take some risks."

"Carolyn also told us at the beginning of the week that if it's not scary, it's not big and big enough – just taking it and running with it," Cortny said.

Floating wine rack

"It was a really simple idea, and honestly something everyone can do at home if that's what they wanted," Pete said.

"We've run money and need to be creative."


Took the top prize

Melbourne's dancers have gone away with $ 250,000 for the release of this title – as well as a completely transformed home and garden.

Courtney reported that we had done just the best and had to take every visit as it came – this was never the case. It has just been the best for the owners.

"Courtney will buy so many dresses as she can to fill the carousel wardrobe in our bedroom," Pitt joked.

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