Jim Acosta and CNN charged Sarah Sanders, who lied about "retaliation"


The White House broke the mandate of CNN journalist Jim Acosta.

The transition followed the event during the press conference of President Trump, in which Acosta challenged Trump on his immigration requirements, which were searched in Mexico and reached the US border. Trump repeatedly said, "That's enough." When the reporter tried to raise a question about the investigation in Russia, the assistant White House tried to take Acosta's microphone from him, but he declined.

Trump, called Acosta, is a "terrible, horrible person" and White House press secretary, Sarah Sanders, later said that the rapporteur's solid release was suspended "until further notice".

Sanders accused Acosta of "laying his hands on a young woman who was just trying to do her job as a White House trainee" and disrespecting other journalists because she did not allow them to ask questions.

Acosta wrote that it was "a lie".

The footage of the event shows that the intern tried to reach under the hand of Akostino to take the microphone from him, and his hand came down to her as he continued to try to ask his question about Trump.

Acosta also tweeted a video of a secret official who handed him a credential from the White House.

The CNN said in a statement that the suspension was "made in response to his challenging questions at today's press conference," and accused Sanders of "fraudulent accusations and [citing] an incident that never happened. "

"This unprecedented decision is a threat to our democracy and the country deserves better. Jim Acosta is our full support," the network said.

President Trump's interim campaign focused heavily on the "trailer" of migrants returning to Central America towards the United States. He claimed that this was a direct invasion and sent thousands of active forces to Mexico on the southern border with Mexico. However, as Acosta and many others wrote, people traveling in the "trailer" are still hundreds of miles from the US.

Trump has repeatedly argued that CNN was "a fake news" and encouraged its followers to persecute the word with representatives of the press organization in its actions. This has led to several death threats against CNN and its staff.

Last month, the CNN office in Atlanta received a post mortem bomb, apparently as part of a pilot bombing campaign, which also targeted reputable democrats and other criticisms of the president.

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