Conclusion: Ethiopies serve as a platform for China's boost to trade in China's import expo


Habtamu Worku, Wang Shoubao

ADDIS ABABA, 3 Nov. (Xinhua) – As Ethiopians want to find a better destination for agricultural products in the country, the import exhibition in China has provided a good opportunity to explore the world's most populous country market.

The first Chinese International Import Expo (CIIE) will be held in Shanghai on 5-10 November. Ethiopian exporters have expressed hope that they will be able to increase their presence in the Chinese market.

The Ethiopian delegation, consisting of representatives of various government agencies, firstly presents the country's potential in agriculture, agriculture, agro-processing, manufacturing, tourism and trade.

Among the ambitions of the Ethiopian government and the private sector to promote the Chinese market, impulses, oilseeds, spices and coffee, which are the backbone of the country's economy. Haile Berhe, chairman of the Ethiopian Legions, Oil and Spice Processors and Exporters Association (EPOSPEA), told Xinhua he hopes CIIE will continue to support Ethiopian participation in the Chinese market.

"The Chinese market is very important to the most important exports of Ethiopia, for example to sesame," Berhe said.

It is very difficult to imagine a scenario in which the Chinese market is not included in the destination of Ethiopian products, "added Berhe.

Sesame, one of Ethiopia's most important export supply after coffee, has attracted Chinese businessmen in recent years.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources of Ethiopia has recently announced that in the current fiscal year 2018-2013, sesame production could reach 350,000 tonnes, which will reach about US $ 500 million for the East African country.

EPOSPEA statistics show that China has over 70 percent of Ethiopia's sesame exports over the past decade.

The EPOSPEA, established in 1998, has pledged to maintain and further strengthen the relationship between its members and their Chinese counterparts.

"The Chinese market is already very important for the most important export goods, but we still believe that we still have room for strengthening our presence," Berhe said.

"With over 130 active members, our alliance encouraged our members to participate in CIIE and other fairs and exhibitions to evaluate the opportunities that are available to keep in touch with our Chinese counterparts," he added.

Meanwhile, the Ethiopian delegation is expected to appreciate a large amount of coffee in the next CIIE.

The country, which earned $ 866 million in coffee exports during the 2016-2017 fiscal year, is expected to increase revenue, increasing its share in the Chinese market.

Alfoz Plc, one of the largest agritourism processing companies in Ethiopia, which is involved in coffee planting, processing and export, is one of the large companies participating in the exhibition.

"We have recently made studies and learned that there is a huge coffee market in China," said Xohanis Addis, sales and marketing manager at Alfoz Plc.

"We believe that CIIE is an ideal opportunity for us to meet with potential Chinese counterparts who would cooperate with us so we can effectively explore the Chinese market," he added.

As Ethiopia is currently seeking to further strengthen its exports, China has already proved to be one of the most significant exports of Ethiopian goods.

Ethiopia has exported $ 245 million worth of goods to China in the 2017-2018 business term ending on July 8, according to the Ethiopian Ministry of Commerce.

Wondimu Filate, the department's PR and Communications Director, told Xinhua that Ethiopia's export to China has been growing steadily through bilateral and multilateral events such as the China-Africa Cooperation Forum (FOCAC).

Filate said that in addition to agricultural products, Ethiopia's exports of industrial and mineral products are also increasing. Enditem

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