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Burgers, King of Sweden, is of the opinion that you can not say without meat from Whoppers


Do you remember those old commercials where a guy had to take a swig of two unbeaten drinks and see if his beloved one was Pepsi or coke? They are probably the most famous example of a blind taste test, and they were the Pepsi's attempt to prove that more Americans were the preferred beverage.

Now Burger King is trying something similar. In a smart marketing campaign, it is customary for customers in Sweden to order a new "50/50 menu". Ask for a burger and you will get a patty made from real meat or a plant-based patty. The restaurant won't tell you what it is – you have to meet.

Just once you have the guest, get the opportunity to scan a code on your box with the Burger King smartphone app and find out what your burger was made of. The idea is to show customers that they can't tell the difference between the two patties, so they can also go for those that are pet for animals and the environment.

The rise of meat alternatives can help save hundreds of thousands of animals from suffering on plant farms, and this can fight global warming by reducing the number of methane-producing cattle. It can also combat other problems such as antibiotic resistance.

To promote the 50/50 challenge, Burger King has released a business in which one woman calls the passive burger "a bloody mind-blow!" Marketing – As the decision to dub the new mock-beef and mutton products "Rebel whoppers" and "Rebel Chicken King burgers."

We are really proud of how hard it is to tell our factory-based burgers apart from real meat. With the 50/50 menu, we hope that more people dare to try them. And hopefully try to find out what they got, "Daniel Schröder, marketing director for Burger King Sweden, said in a statement.

There's more to it than just having fun – it is also an experiment for data gathering. Burger Kings collects guesses from customers and plans to release the data into a new wave of commercials that will run later this summer in Sweden.

Will be the blemish taste test, meat without meat audition, soon be the way to the US. There. So far, there is no indication of this. Nevertheless, every burger king in the country will offer speedless whoppers until the end of the year, according to the fast-food chain.

In the US The Meaty Burger is a partnership with the Startup Impossible Foods, which supplies pies made with hem, a protein derived from soybean roots that mimics the texture of meat. It even "bleed," just like real beef.

Burger King started his American drive in fleshless meat By giving the impossible weapon a trial run in 59 restaurants in the city. Louisville area – and found that the locations enjoyed 18 percent of their foot traffic as the national average. Encouraged by the results the chain quickly announced it would make the product available in all 7,200 branches. Now you can find them in Missouri, Florida, Georgia, Alabama and 111 restaurants in the Greater San Francisco Bay Area.

In Sweden, the new meatless products from Burger Kings are apparently not available from impossible foods. The company's method for making the key ingredient, hem, involves genetic modification which is not yet approved by European authorities. The Burels Whoppers and Burberry Chicken King Burgers were created with different ingredients. Like these reports:

The range was tightly lined with where they were sourcing their new vegetarian options. About Sweden, Sweden's general manager Iwo Zakowski, BK Sweden, would only discover that the manufacturer of the chicken-and-burger factory is based in Europe. So, not impossible.

The sourcing can be muddy, but it is clear that these products are part of a pace that goes beyond burger. Recent months have seen a time of incredible growth in alternative meat movement, and consumer demand for surges has been on the market. In May, Impossible Foods raised $ 300 million in new investor funding. His rival, Beyond Meat, became public and his stock jumped from $ 25 to $ 80.

In April, Del Taco announced that it would be partnering with Beyond Meat to offer new flaky tacos, and Qdoba announced that all 730 of its locations offer meat alternative meat alternatives.

The companies have followed in the footsteps of early adopters like White Castle, which sells a slider version of the potty produced by Impossible Foods, and Carl's Jr., which offers a Veggie burger made by Beyond Meat.

It is now evident that there is profit at the factory-based meat business. But doubt about the consumer is an enduring problem: some people still do not believe that a decent burger can really replace the thing.

This is why a blind and daring test like the Burger King is now running in Sweden is important. If this can prove to the doubters that even they cannot tell the difference, it is important to promote the fleshless meat movement.

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