What are the articles on which K says that the judge stops against Esperance and in August?

The Disciplinary Committee of the African Football Confederation (CA) suspended Judge Zambia Gani Sekazoui, who led the return leg between Esperance and August 1 in the African Champions League.

The decision to stop (Z) the Zambian rule

The suspension of the Zambian rule of the African Union was adopted on the basis of Articles 82, 136 and 152 until he attended the hearing Following charges of corruption Sikazoui and alleged bias of the Tunisian team landowner.

Esperance managed to win the title of the African Champions League after winning 3: 0 over Al Ahly.

Esperance qualified for the finals after a thrilling match against Angol's first August, which the Tunisian team settled with four hits on two goals, opposing and indicting the injury for the Zambian rule.

Reveals FilGoal.com The three articles on which the African Union was based before deciding to stop the Sekare:

Article 82: (Principles of conduct)

"National associations, clubs, officials and members, as well as their players, must respect the principles of loyalty, integrity, sport and morals."

Article 136 (penalties for corruption)

The article states

First of all "Any person who promises or gives an undue advantage to an AU agent in an official match or actor or a third party in order to encourage or violate the rules of the regulation shall depend on:

– A fine of at least twenty-five thousand dollars.

– By banning all football related activities.

– With a ban on entering any football pitch.

Secondly "Penalties are imposed on negative corruption (soliciting, promising or accepting unlawful benefits or betting) in the same way."

Third time, "In serious cases and in the event of a recurrence, he may be punished for a life sentence."

IV "In any case, the legal authority takes away the property involved in the infringement of laws, and these funds are used for the development of football programs."

Article 152: (liabilities)

"National associations should also ensure that no person who has been penalized for (doping, corruption, forgery, etc.) is persecuted and has been committed for the last five years.

In the return competition between Esperance and the first of August, there was an argument over the questionable penalty and the termination of the valid goal of the Angolan team was enough to qualify for the finals.

International law has the right to appeal against the decision of the African Union on the basis of Article 68 of the Disciplinary Board Act.

Thus, Sikazwe can not perform any matches until the conclusion of the investigation and the announcement of the duration of his arrest.

Zambian Sikazwe runs international competitions such as two world championships such as the last World Cup in Russia and the latest confrontation between Egypt and Cameroon in the recent African countries.

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