The prices of iron and cement on Thursday 08-11-2018 in factories and companies are now updated


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Prices of iron and cement on Thursday, November 8, 2013 at factories and companies are now updated from the Arab News website on Thursday, November 8, 2018.

We are offering you Prices of iron and cement today Thursday, November 8th, 2013 at factories and companies is now updated where we provide tables for all prices of steel companies and cement factories on the Egyptian market, and update tables on the road when there are any price changes and witnesses Prices of iron and cement in Egypt The situation changed following the Egyptian government's decision to float Price of the dollar, Postal supervisor in Price of iron It is the price of the pallet, which is the main component of the iron manufacturing process and is imported into the green currency from abroad.

As far as it goes Cement prices The increase in production costs following an increase in fuel prices and a low supply on the Egyptian market is rising Price of cement tones It reached its highest value in April after the factory halted El Arish work, where the price of cement was toned to £ 1,300, and then returned to the recession again with the opening of a new Beni Suef plant and increased its supply in the Egyptian market.

Prices of iron and cement today

Prices of iron and cement today

continue Prices of iron The state of market stability after the last drop of 300 kilograms in all factories, due to the fall in the price of a pallet all over the world in the current period, while the price of cement is witnessing a gradual increase, where the price in October rose twice, that the reason for the constant rise in cement prices increases production costs, as well as the lack of supply in the market, we offer these tables Price of iron and cement today At all factories and businesses.

Prices of iron on Thursday 08.11-2018

Stories Price of iron in Egypt The price of the pallet is stable around the world and is expected to decrease Prices of iron In the coming period, the opening of import doors will be achieved Price tone of iron today 12100 pounds in most Egyptian iron factories, while the highest price tag of iron in Egypt was the share of the Ezz Steel factory at a price of 12,158 pounds.

Factory Product Name Price in Egyptian pounds
Egyptians Egyptians 12135
With tea With tea 12180
Ezz Ezz

Ezz Aldkheila



Al-Jarhi Al-Jarhi 12100
Komi Komi 12250
Porter Porter 12250
Rider Rider 11790
Decimal Decimal 12250
Geophysics Geophysics 11750
Egypt Steel Egypt Steel 12250

Prices of cement on Thursday 08.11-2018

Stories Cement prices in Egypt The situation of a gradual increase, contrary to what was expected, in particular, with the opening of a military plant in Bena Suef, gave the owners reasons for increasing production costs and high freight and transport prices, and reached the Price of cement tone today The 850 pound Swedish plant is the next table Cement prices Most Egyptian factories.

Factory Product Name Price of the land delivery factory
Swedish Swedish 850 LE
Misr Beni Suef Cement Egypt Beni Suef 870 pounds
Toura Cement Torah 840 LE
Helwan Cement Helwan 955 LE
Suez Cement Suez 840 LE
Al Arish Cement Military 880 LE
Sinai cement Sinai 880 LE
Lafarge Cement Special EGP 900
Assiut Cement Engineer 970 LE
Arab Cement Company Victory


EGP 860

910 LE

Update: Prices of iron and cement on Thursday 08.11-2018

  • Stability Prices of iron and cement today Thursday 08-11-2018 All factories and businesses were recorded Price of cement tone today In Tora Cement 840 kilograms, within Beni Suef Cement 870 pounds, within Suez Cement is 840 pounds, Price of iron Within the Egyptian iron factory worth 12135 pounds, while the price of a tonnage factory of a geophysical amount of 11750 pounds, follow us to find out what's new Prices of iron and cement today.
  • It should be noted that all prices shown in the lists are the prices of the delivery of the factory land and do not include the percentage of the agent or freight costs.

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