The Olympic team will meet today in Alexandria with Tunisia in a friendly way


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From the city of the seventh day, on Wednesday, November 14, 2018.

The Egyptian Olympic team is leaving for Alexandria on Thursday to prepare for the 2019 African Cup of Nations, hosted by Egypt..

Marran saw the shaving of Ramadan Sobhi, the English player of Huddersfield, who was trapped in the exercises played by the team in the last two days in preparation for the next two matches against Tunisia and Algeria, where he expressed a strange luck in the situation that arose player, and contributed significantly to the enthusiasm of the players.

In this regard, the Olympic team, led by coach Shawki Gharib, decided to leave the value of the allocated allowance for the team after qualifying the next Olympic Games of the Football Federation Board of Directors headed by Hany Abu Reda to ensure that no in the financial matters of the team in order to exploit energy Players are far from thinking about financial aspects that have a negative impact on the implementation of some concerns about them.

Shawki Gharib said that the group already had financial arrangements, such as the national teams that he led in his youth or the first, and that the bonus for the championship organized by Egypt in the upcoming period, but the board that warned on the financial incentives received by the players from the support bodies For the team most of the time are more than official bonuses that are well aware.

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