The Governor of the Red Sea meets with the Al-Azhar Committee for the development of the village of Abu Ghusun


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The Governor of the Red Sea, Major-General Ahmad Abdullah, met with the Zacat Fund in Al-Azhar, where he discussed the development of the village Abogson, south of Marsi Alam, which provides all services and builds housing for people.

When the province, in cooperation with the Zakat Foundation, develops you and complements the work that the region has done in the past, in order to achieve services in full with water, sewage and electricity networks, in order to enable projects to ensure serious employment opportunities for young people providing infrastructure, and the complex containing stores, handmade and environmental products, reflect the Red Sea's heritage to become a tourist attraction.

The Governor emphasized that he is striving to achieve sustainable development in the countryside and to eliminate inappropriate scenes of unskilled homes in order to provide adequate housing for all citizens by creating an inventory of all families and mediating housing units in order to increase the level of living and attract young people to complement their lives and developed them.

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