The bookstore is preparing for the golden jubilee at a book fair in Cairo


General Office of the National Library and Archives, led by dr. Hesham Azmi, is preparing to participate in the golden jubilee of the International Book Fair in Cairo. The Commission set up a committee to monitor activities and publications that the Commission is taking part in this year's session.

The Committee has prepared a list of new titles that will be first printed specifically for the session, including statements in education and literature, Al-Safour newspaper, part 4, letters in the logic from the review of dr. Abdel Hamid Madkour, dr. Mustafa Labib,

The Commission also works on the re-printing of a number of mothers and books and publications that are widely accepted among the readers and are the most important of these titles: the concise plans of the Mubarak brands, the wonders of the effects of algebra, explain the needs of Abu Ala Maar, the meaning of the Koran for fur, to know kings and other titles in detail in the next statement.

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