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Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Book – Mohammad Shaban:

A video clip of no more than a minute and 11 seconds, and about five pictures of two boys torn through a catsl in the Docky area because of their barking, causing a revolution of anger among users of social networking sites that quickly demanded the Arrest of the accused.

The details of the incident were due to the presence of two dogs from the "Bertard" in front of the store "Al Ryan" in the Docki area, launched as soon as a catsl approached them, which had risen his anger and decided to get Deliver them.

A man of feelings of compassion and compassion, he brought the porridge to his car, and began to hit the dogs in the midst of a state of terror and panic gripped the people who just watched for fear of the butcher of the butcher.

After a few minutes, the result was terrible, the blood was frightened in the street. The second of a pregnant dog was burned to death. The second dog was partly slotted in the neck area and some of his ear was Was cut off and rescued last minute in a nearby clinic.

Immediately after the event, the pioneer of the Media Media Hashtag launched a Report to the Egyptian Interior, which received the support of many who quickly demanded the arrest and accountability of the accused according to the law for his inhumane act.

With the video circulation and the rashing of the homage, an order was issued to arrest and bring the accused Ahmed Sasha to the custodial officers charged under the supervision of Colonel Amr El-Borai Inspector of the Central Giza and led by Colonel Hani Hosseini, Head of Investigation Docky and his assistant chief Hosam Abbasi and Captain Mohammed Wahid.

The assailant butcher is taken to the department of the department to hear his statements and confront him with inquiries and eyewitness accounts of the residents. Colonel Muhammad Al-Tawil, the director of the director, released a report and referred it to the procedure for the investigation.

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