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Known for the term "goalkeeper = helps the team", which gives him confidence to his colleagues and his ability to change the results, and because of the sensitivity of the center over the history of a small number of go-byeepers whose names are without letters Of light in the center.

At Al-Ahly's club, Guemam al-Shennovi continued his folded makers with Al-Hamra in the final season, as a major reason for the farewell to the Red Card of the Arab Championship of the 16 round against Al-Wesle.

Al-Shennoy, who left the nets leaving the net empty for the players of Al Wasl, to make the equalizer of Alhie's overhaul, this is not his first mistake at all, but preached by other stupid mistakes we monitor in the following lines :

Arab Championship

El-Shenovy was one of the main reasons in Al-Alily's farewell to the Arab Championship in his previous version, hosted by Egypt and crowned by the Ezopance Team of Tunisia, and because of the declining level of All-Aren Almost all four goal goals that would allow the red giant to leave the semi-finals, negotiation for failure.

African Champions League

Despite the Shenavoy's glasses in the World Cup during his participation in the pharaohs, but at the end of the tournament, the game played by Alshaomi was a clear decline in the height of the Red Hat keeper, which caused his mistakes in the naive alley 12 goals in the African Champions League, the final of the tournament, to expand with the dream team in the ninth title since 2013.

Zayed Club Cup

Finally, Al Alyli came out of the Arab Championship in front of Al-Wesl after a serious mistake by the Red Army keeper to prove that the Hamilton El Hamra goalkeeper had to re-examine and arrange the cards. But followed Alley's net In four goals in three games, the team led to a disappointing exit of the championship second in less than a month.

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