Sabreen surprised her audience with a shocking statement about hijab (video)


Said Sabreen, who wore a veil, was a personal decision and independent, without questioning it from anyone.

Sabreen, in a shocking statement during her media dialogue, Wael El-Ibrashy, said the program "Everyday", which was broadcast on satellite to e: "I have a very personal need .. and I do not want to do that .. I am also about myself tell me Delocte that you are covered. Mahjong and not Mahatmma Ya .. I believe that Esteb Lbs .. I am De Estely and Sabreen's love remain in this form.

Sabrin added that she was singing at the wedding before she decided to stop and dedicate her life to acting only. "I was one of the most proud joys and parties in which I am rich, either in Egypt or in the Arab countries."

On the other hand, Sabreen said that her brotherhood was threatened by her role in Zainab al-Ghazali in the Al-Jama series. "I am the rest, I am proud of and against the Brotherhood, and I was threatened not to deal with art."

She added that she participated in the revolution in order to preserve Egypt without paying close attention to anything else: "I fell to my own hands and my face was a need that is not my country."

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