Prisoners were three fugitives from lifelong imprisonment in cases of robbery and drug trafficking

Al-Qalioubiya security forces have arrested three people who have fled life in cases of theft and drugs in the cities of Tukh, Al-Khanaqah and Al-Khanka.

Major General Alaa Farooq, head of the Qalioubiy Crime Investigation Department, told Colonel Abdullah Jalal, Colonel of the crime branch, who said that the officials of the investigation carried out a lot of security reprisals against fugitives from judicial decisions. Convicted to life imprisonment and a fine of £ 10,000, Abdullah, a 39-year-old unemployed and a resident of Khanqe who was sentenced to life imprisonment and a fine of LE 10,000 and Mustafa in the case of drug trafficking. M ", 20, driver and resident Buh and sentenced in case of forced robbery to life.

The defendants were detained and pronounced the statement of the incident.

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