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Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Book – Ahmed Juma:
The Egyptian National Youth Council announced this week a number of educational reviews in the governors of Qalyubiya and Dakahlia to raise awareness and encourage citizens to recognize the importance and importance of screening for HIV and non-communicable diseases in the 100 million health campaign under the auspices President Abdel Fattah al Sisi.

The board said in a statement on Wednesday that the Egyptian Youth Initiative will hold 120 community civic sessions in four federal election committees in Asiaticus, Kenny End, Caliobia and Dakahia in December, as part of the completion of the initiative. Their demographic characteristics.

A collective of the National Council for Population has tweeted the government of Kaliubiya and Dakhlya in several centers and differences between the two reginators in coordination with the civil society organizations working in the field of population, family planning, local unit and youth center, and Brings educational seminars on public health, reproductive health, nutrition, early marriage, parents to behaviors that maintain their health and improve their characteristics of the population.

A lot of medical convoys are concentrated in places where parents gathered. Your caravans include clinics for diabetes, stress, malnutrition, family planning clinics, medical advice and child care clinics, as well as rapid medical analysis.

The initiative was attended by a group of local leaders in the Governors, civil society officials, experts from the National Council Council, the director of the board branch and some professors of the medical and nursing schools that control the events.

The initiative is implemented by the National Council Council with the UNICEF Fund (UNICEF). The importance of the initiative in implementing the objectives of the national population strategy is to develop society and reduce population growth through effective recruitment of family planning, improving reproductive health,.

The Egyptian Youth Initiative is designed to support young people to understand the challenges of their social goals and to identify their role in contradiction to overcoming the challenges of community health and education and teaching students in the best way to use their various skills in dealing with community participation In new initiatives aimed at community development. Identify and identify the problems of the community and participate in the creation of innovative mechanisms to overcome the various challenges, as well as training on the means and programs to raise awareness of the problems suffered by the Egyptian society, such as healthy patterns of life And nutrition in the stages of life of different, family health and the concept of a small family, and prevention and treatment of infectious and non-infectious.

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