New innovations treat wounds and do not leave scars!


New innovations treat wounds and do not leave scars!


Алексей Филиппов

Create a wound healing gel without leaving the scars

A group of Chinese scientists have invented a gel gel that can heal wounds without scars.

According to Biomaterial Science, scientists used a serinin study found in silk fibers and, after extraction from these fibers, connected to the protein chain in the light of ultraviolet light and the process of tightening.

Scientists have obtained the result of this process on well-packaged gel cells (gel) and grow without causing immune response to the body, preventing inflammation and stimulating the growth of new blood vessels. This gel also regulates the functioning of the skin cells, so the scars do not grow in the affected area, but the new skin. This gel has other properties, including that it prevents bacterial access to the wound, which explains the speed of recovery.

In addition, the proteins found in silk have natural biological activity, which, according to scientists, is due to the composition of amino acids in silk, similar to amino acid composition on human skin.

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Scientists have stated that this innovation is the most effective in treating wounds and preventing scarring, so we hope that this gel is widely used in medicine after the completion of the characterization.

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