My respect for the Federation Council and its supporters encouraged me to resign


Helmi Toulan, director of the first football team at Al-Ittihad, said that his respect for the board and the fans led to a deviation from the loss he made on Sunday at the Alexandria Stadium in front of Club Stars FC at week 14 Premier League.

"I want to continue with this popular club, which is very popular. I spent 45 days in the club, which I think is one of the most beautiful days in my life," Toulan said, commenting on his decision to resign.
"I made a lot of effort on players to develop physical results, but players did not help me achieve positive results due to the repetition of errors that caused the loss of most games."
"We came to Alexandria, we know the size and size of the team and its supporters, but we relied on the psychological factor of the players and removed the pressure on them before the meeting," said Ahmed Samy, head of the Al-Nujoom team.

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