In the paintings .. 5 stars of the rituals of the Umrah celebrate the birth of the Prophet


Wednesday, November 14,

Window on world books – Mohammad Magdy:

Many art stars wanted this month to take Umrah in order to celebrate the birth of the MP, and many of them participated in the pictures through their pages on social networking sites.

Nermin Maher

Artist Nermin Maher took part in his profile on the Instagram Photo and Video Web site, when he performed Umrah.

And "Nermin" appeared inside Haram al-Makka, for Kaaba, and commented: "Praise God and all of you."

Amal Hijazi

Lebanese artist Amal Hijazi, through his official account on Instagram's website, has posted a picture of its implementation of Umrah.

She appeared when she touched Kaabe and commented, "How nice is her perfume, kissing and looking at her, do not deprive her of the Lord, her peace, peace on you from Mecca, the most beautiful thing she has seen in my eyes. "

Hassan al-Raddad

During his stay in Saudi Arabia, Egyptian artist Hassan Al-Raddad was delighted to attend the Igns festival in the Middle East.

One of the pages posted on the Instagram website is photo by Hassan al-Rada, wearing a dress from Kaabo, along with a friend.


The emirate singer Ahlam, who followed her official account on InStagram's website, attended the pictures of Kaabe between her Umrah.

And she commented on a picture that says, "Oh God, Oh, Umrah, our Lord accepts us from us. You are All-Listening, Everyday.

Halima Boland

Kuwait transmitter Halima Boland has worked with her family during Umrah's show with her family through her profile page on Instagram's website.

The pictures showed her two daughters in front of Kaaba and commented, "During the performance of Umrah with my family and my family and the daughters of Maria and Camilia, God keeps them and saves all their children," Amen, God accepts us for the benefit of the company.

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