Foods that hurt the health of the heart.

Foods that damage the health of the heart .. Declare them News Kingdoms, Quoting the newspaper AHSA, We issue foods that hurt the health of the heart .. Lighten them, foods that hurt the health of the heart .. Eat them, we send Visit our news site today and start with news, heart health.

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Some foods cause health damage to the heart and therefore should be avoided or moderate in addressing, and in the next lines we know the most important foods that are based on the health of the heart, according to the site "time":

– Fast food, because it contains saturated fats, which cause good damage in the case of over-ingestion.

Fast Food

– Meat processed and chilled, contains high saturated fat, and even low-fat choice tend to contain high salt content.

– Many studies have linked frost foods to increased risk of heart disease. Traditional frying methods create unsaturated fats, a kind of fat that causes bad cholesterol and slower good.

Fried Foods

– Taking too much candy causes obesity, high cholesterol and diabetes, all risk factors for the heart.


– Drink drinks and sugar-sweetened juices, which are the largest source of added sugar, and even foods that are part of a balanced diet such as breakfast cereals can contain sugar.

– Ghe, contains saturated fat, such as butter, which increase the risk of heart disease.


– Pizzas rank second in the American Heart Association List of foods, as they contain saturated fat, so prefer to take a slice or two, and choose a vegetable dish instead.

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Source: Al – Ahsa newspapers

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