FilGoal | News suggests that Cartier works with Azaro .. and does not use VAR


The African Football Confederation (CAF) has hinted at the cooperation of French coach Patrice Cartieron in the incident of Moroccan striker Walid Azzaro, the attacker of the team, which suspended him.

Alcaf punished Azaro for two games, and Carteron was called for a hearing and Al Ahli was fined $ 20,000.

"Ahmed Ahmed met with the Development Committee on Thursday and talked about recent events, violence at the stadium, the referee denied the use of VAR, and the player tangled his shirt in front of his coach."

Al-Qaf added that Ahmed Ahmed promised the adoption of reform measures, despite the sanctions imposed on 26 judgments, but the Union can still get rid of these problems, as stated by its President Madagascar.

Al-Ahli defeated Esperanza in the final of the African League of Champions in a match in which the controversial tribunal came in. It forced the Tunisian team to suspend Mehid Obaid.

Choose the perfect shape of Al Ahly to get Esperance away from here.

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