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FilGoal | News A Source in Ismaili Reveals Joule Requests for the Club to Sell to Ahli


What are Ismail's requests for the sale of Mahmoud Metwally's defender to Al Ahly? A source at the administration answers

"Ismailail wants to get 20 million pounds with 3 players from Al Ahly of five who were appointed by the coaching staff," the source said.

"The names are Ahmad Sheikh, Ahmad Yasser Reian, Ahmad Hamdi, Emr Jamal and Ammar Hamdi."

This comes as a confirmation of what released Monday, discovering the talks between Ahly and Ismail, and where it arrived.

The options are to pay up to 40 million in cash, or to pay a minimum of 10 million, with three players included in the deal, and the Dovid refused to exchange any money.

The source explained: "Ismaeli agreed to leave Metwali near the goalkeeper Mohamed Avad, whom the group wanted to include, despite the fact that the couple are the main salespersons of the team," the source declared:

"Yes, they are great players and great for the team, but the management's thinking is to leave them for money and many players, especially that they want to leave."

"For example, if Ismail wants to include Ahly players or collectively identified names, we won't be able to include any of them because of the large amount of money that needs to be bought and the club's financial crisis suffers."

"But with the sale of the duo we will get a lot of money together with five players and we have many talents in the club and we can compensate for the departure of Metwalli and Awad." has previously released Ismaili requests from Zamalek to approve the award of Avid.

Ismaili wants to get between 40 and 60 million pounds with Omar al-Saed, Mustafa Mohamed and Mohamed Hasan samalek players.

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