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Fiat agent officially introduces typo 2020. offers category "manual"



Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Books – Mahmoud Amin:

Dynamics Trading and Distribution, the dealer of the Fiat Chrysler and Alfa Romeo brands in Egypt, has announced the launch of the 2020 fiat typo at the local market.

"The TYPO 2020 is available in three versions: the POP hatchback, the first category of the automatic transmission transmission, and the second class, a sedan with a highly equipped manual transmission," said Islam showman, sales director For Dynamics Distribution.

Shaukat said in a statement to "Masrawi" that the category 2020 hotspot will be offered to an official price of 289,000 pounds, a difference of £ 4,000 for the 2019 version, which is available at an official price of 285,000 pounds.

Dynamics offers the first class of the Tipo 2020 version, equipped with automatic transmission to an official price of £ 273,000, a difference of 3,000 pounds for the 2019 release to a £ 270,000 official price.

The second class of the TYPO 2020, equipped with a manual transmission, according to the director of sales dynamics, to be on the market for an official price of £ 225,000, the same price model 2019.

The combined Italian car at the company plant in Turkey offers local markets with two versions of the first-hand manual transmission category engines, which consist of 4-cylinder 1.4-liter 95-horsepower and 6-speed transmission.

The second engine is connected to an automatic transmission, consisting of a 4-cylinder, 1.6-liter capacity of 110 hp and 152 nm for maximum torque, and a 6-speed transmission.

The Fiat Sadan accelerates 100 km in 11.2 seconds, achieving a peak speed of 192 kilometers per hour and consuming an average of 6.3 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers.

Tipo stands for 16-inch and 17-inch sports wheels with a 520-liter rear storage space.

The Tibo is available in standard safety measures, the most important of which are the driver and front passenger bags, ABS brakes, EBD electronic brake distribution, ESP electronic anti-theft system, fog front and rear fog.

The top-of-the-line TYPO booth includes entertainment systems, including a CD player, AUX-USB connector, a multi-function steering wheel that can control some of the machine's functions, wireless Bluetooth connectivity, side-view control, background and Rear sensor with angle, fastened.

The Fiat Tipo 2019 is available in 5 versions, two of which are powered by manual transmission, two automatic transmissions and one copy of the hatchback.

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