A photo of Mohamed Fadl with Ikrami and Ramadan Sobhi at the Pyramids Conference


Mohamed Fadl, a member of the five-year committee that recently presented his resignation, wanted to take a picture where the duo, Sherif Ikrami and Ramadan Subhi, the current Al-Ahly and the current Pyramids players, were taken at The side of the pyramid announcement conference about his new logo in a large hotel, and Fadl was present at the press conference, which raised many questions. About the quality in which he attended the conference and his appearance in the picture.

Khaled Badr, Director of Operations at Pyramids Club, revealed the reason for choosing the three pyramids for the new club logo, stressing that these pyramids mean sustainability and stability, so they are placed as a permanent slogan for the club in the coming season..

Mamdouh Eid, CEO of Pyramids Club, said he was very proud of the nine club logo, which represents a new stage in the club’s life, and stressed that the club is in line with ambition and on an equal footing for global football. ..

Eid stressed that the club has built a strong team in just two years, and all now respect the pyramids and the qualification of the team for the final Confederations Cup, and the main goal is to compete for all titles and championships, indicating that the The aim of the club is to build a new generation of Egyptian football in the entity that is now built and with a professional system in all economic aspects. The focus is currently on the first team, which is considered as the front of the club and gives great ambition to the emerging players.

He explained that the new logo was consistent with the idea and goals of the club, and that the logo contained the history of Egypt in which pyramids would participate, and the executive director concluded that the new logo was in line with the club’s policy. In the coming stage, especially since the pyramids are among the most important signs in the world, and reflect the ideology of the club that aims for stability and stability..

Eid emphasized that the logo is the beginning of a new phase for the club, and in the near future many ideas and projects will be revealed in the development of youth teams and other projects, and Pyramids is the first club to represent A football company, and within the framework of the city and its direction, the goal is development and sustainability.


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