7 health reasons to push you to lower your breasts. Know him from dr. Ahmed Sobka


The latest health news, in which many girls find some kind of suffering because of the size of their breasts, this suffering is changing during the suffering of health because a large overdose causes many health problems for a girl or a lady such as neck and back pain and other psychological causes, especially for young girls in old age, when the large size of their breasts causes a feeling that people see them as older.

Although breast enlargement has the highest proportion of girls and women, on the other hand, women and girls are more likely to reduce breast due to the health and psychological problems they face.

Dr. Ahmed Al-Sobki, Professor of Obesity and Diabetic Surgery, Faculty of Medicine, Ain Shams University, President of the Arabian Association for Obesity and Diabetes Surgery, Member of the International Federation of Obesity and Diabetic Surgery, explained the types of breast reduction operations, their causes and level of safety .

Q: When should a girl or a woman use a breast reduction?

O: Dr. Ahmed Al-Sobki, a consultant for obesity and diabetes, confirms that breast reduction is not the first cosmetic procedure, but is a necessary and therapeutic procedure. Many women who are larger than normal size find psychological and psychological suffering such as increasing chest pressure, inability to walk or exercise comfortably, increase pressure on the back, neck and shoulders, chronic skin rash or skin irritation under the breast, in addition to excessive sweating in the chest area due to the large size and increase in fat. Many fatwas Especially young girls find psychological problems due to the size of their breasts because of their appearance in the eyes of those around them, older than their real age, which develops to suffer from psychological illnesses such as introversion and isolation from those around them.

Dr. Ahmed Al-Sobki explains seven health reasons for breast reduction

Q: What are the reasons for the size of the breast in the girls?

O: Dr. Ahmed El-Sobky, a consultant for obesity and diabetes surgery, explained that there are two main reasons for the large size of breasts in girls: the first is a genetic factor. Many girls have a family history of large breasts size and always cause a back. The girl lives so old and does not know that this problem has a cure, and the other is the chest thistle after losing weight, where the breasts become full of skin, so she needs to tighten these dilutions and get rid of the remaining excess fat. By the way, they also affect the small breasts and have to intervene For intensity too.

Q: Are there reasons why women should not be breast reduction?

O: Dr. Ahmad Al-Sobky, an attorney for obesity and diabetes, confirms that it is not advisable or advisable to carry out breast reduction procedures in women who smoke or have certain diseases, such as diabetes or heart disease. Therefore, please always ask any woman who accepts this procedure for performing medical tests. The presence of any medical contraindication is contrary to the procedure, and if it is first treated and does not change in the chest of women suffering from obesity, they can return to the chest and back , so the first procedure should be done and then the breasts should be cut.

Q: How is breast reduction procedure .. Is it safe or not?

O: Dr. Ahmed Al-Sobky, a consultant for obesity and diabetes surgery, explained that the breast reduction process is simple and very safe. It is performed under complete anesthesia. It only needs to open about 1 cm or 1: 5 cm in a brown hall around the chest. And then return the nip to the normal position and then close the hole through which you dispose of the fat, then you need a woman from one to two weeks of recovery with the doctor's instructions, especially in connection with disregarding the excessive effort and follow him to carry out a reserve on the wound and remove seams .


Dr. Ahmed Al-Sobki explains cases in which breast reduction can not be performed

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