Will he change the tennis racket for dance shoes? Stepanek and Vaidis went to StarDance and presented their dance performances


Stepanek and Vaidis went to society.

Stepanek and Vaidis went to society. Michaela Feuereislová

November 12, 2018, 20:45

In the evening, full of elegance and nobility, there were no more familiar faces on Saturday. Radek Stepanek (39) and his wife, Nicole Vaidis, appeared in addition to former competitors, who are regularly invited to StarDance (29).

Both enjoyed the evening and while Stella's four-month-old mother was interested in photographers for her incredibly slim figure, Radek again joked with moderator Mark Eben and had some dancing items before the dance.

Štěpánek finished his sports career a few weeks ago and is now resting. The question is whether it will not be one of the faces of the new StarDance series that is slowly preparing. It must be said that it is obviously like a dance floor.

Eliška Vinterová , Super.cz

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