Thousands of people do not know they have a high pressure! Ask your doctor for symptoms

High blood pressure or arterial hypertension is the most common disease in the cardiovascular system. There are about 1/5 of checks, but many of them do not know about it. High pressure does not hurt and if the doctor does not reveal it during the examination, it may lead to death.

At first, high pressure is unacceptable, but if it is not treated, it may lead to serious complications. It causes, for example, myocardial infarction, cerebrobascial accidents or pulmonary embolism, and also affects the kidneys.

Doctors can decide to eliminate blood pressure lowering drugs. The foundation is a healthy lifestyle, including everyday movements. Patients should also reduce smoking and alcohol and try to eat healthier. Even food should be cautious – some foods increase pressure.

What does high blood pressure mean? How stronger is this disease? What are the consequences? How can we prevent the disease? How do we know we have high blood pressure? How was blood test tested? Can he really be cured?
These and other questions will be answered by the Internal Doctor Marketa Hauzarawa.

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