The PES score rose to 64 points, which corresponds to the fourth degree


Updates: 06.12.2020 12:38

PRAGUE – The risk score in the anti-epidemic system PES has so far risen by seven points to 64, which corresponds to a stricter fourth level of alert. The deterioration of the situation led to an increase in the reproduction number higher than one and an increase in the proportion of positive cases. In the previous thirteen days, the index was at 57 points out of one hundred. The ministry did not provide the current data until around noon, as the system had previously experienced a network outage.

If the PES index falls in a lower or higher volume, this does not automatically mean a change in the measure. For improvement, seven days must remain in the lower volume, for deterioration three days.

The reproduction number indicating the average number of others infected from one positive test person is now 1.02. Recently, almost a quarter of all tests were positive.

Based on a government decision, the entire country has been operating according to the rules of the third degree since Thursday, which has allowed to open shops, restaurants, hotels or service establishments with limited capacity. The Minister of Health, Jan Blatný (for YES), however, described the situation as weak and did not rule out that the measures could be tightened again.

“The increase in the risk index from 57 to the current 64 points was due to two factors: an increase in the relative share of positive cases and especially an increase in the reproductive number above one. The current value of R is 1.02, information And Statistics (IHIS).

The Ministry of Health also updated data on the number of infected on Saturday after the network outage. There were 3308 more cases of Covid, which is 641 more than a week ago. This is the smallest daily increase of the week, but it is less tested on weekends and increases on days off always decrease significantly. There are now over 60,000 infected people in the country, of which 4,436 were in hospital according to the latest figures. 8838 people have died with Cowid so far.

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