The first big deal. Peace and peace in and against France


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I always come to the edge of the nomination. It looks like I'm going in the twelve for a while, and I'm going to play. I'm sorry for this, but it's mostly enough to help the dark. I'll think about it in the last minute, Pourl said at a meeting with the newspaper in front of Frantisek, who will be in Pardubice from 18:00. It is for the most part he has.

The young pivot behind me in the panagar of Zaragoza. He left last year with the European championship at the European Championship, but he could not get a loser because of his injured hand.

Well heroes did not allow him to fight for nomination in the qualification. In the time of my fist, I will not make you again. I have to knock you out. I mean, it's just a laugh and it's not going to continue, "Purple said.

His great ancestors come in the right moment, because in Svitavy the best form of Kario is the most. In the range of 12 points and 5.6 rebounds. There are 19 points and 14 rebounds recently from Hradec Krow, of which nine are in the run.

I never do that. Of course, it's in your hands. I get in minutes, I get aggressive and this time is relative to me. I'm gonna try to push it to the junction, the young pivot sweeps.

With 204 cm, it will be the highest score. The centimeter will be useful to him, as the French had the pivots in it with Captain alone cofi.

Even when they are not in the strongest, it will be TC. I expect them an aggressive press that we have to deal with and the same aggressive film. Tell me, tell purse.

On the one hand, it will not be the monolith of the elite with the largest French stars, such as Boris Daw, Nicolas Buttum or Rudy Goberts. Sure, it would be nice to fight against the big JMNM. But for him he will be good, he is wrong. I did not think that would come out, but I would look at it, purple added with a laugh.

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