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The Audi Q3 is also a SUV cup. In Sportsback detailed – Novinky.cz


Crossover Fashion is accompanied by the set of so-called SUV coupons. With such a body, we used to see cars much larger than the Q3. Audi entered the last water of the German trio, but on the other hand, it was the first to start a truly compact SUV with a "cut" Off "Roof.

Orange also suits him.

Orange also suits him.

The new Q3 Sportback is based on the standard Q3. Even if we let the numbers speak, you know how the car looks at first sight, mainly because of the different attitude and proportions you feel the car sits on the road a little more convincing. Obviously, of course.

The outer length is 4,500 millimeters, the outer surface is 1556 millimeters and the outer width is 1843 millimeters. The SUVs are 16 millimeters longer, 29 millimeters lower, and six millimeters narrower than the Q 3. The two-phase wheelbase is 2680 millimeters.

A little quay cupé style

Audi has supported a more aggressive design not only by different body proportions but also by individual accessories. The most impressive are the painted fender flanges. Available in gray manhattan or car color. I was reminded of another concern about SUV which I could see just before the opening – Porsche Cayenne.

Many of the details stand out in light colors.

Many of the details stand out in light colors.

But that's not all. The radiator grill of the radiator grill is even more prominent in the C3 sportsbook with the S line packet thanks to the aluminum elements. The same applies to side sills with silver trim elements. A conspicuous diffuser with four vertical ribs surrounds the air flow openings indicated as a boomerang.

The outboard is optically faster than it actually does.

The outboard is optically faster than it actually does.

In the "Sport" version, 18 "alloy wheels with 5 double spokes and 235/55 tires replace the basic 17" wheels with five slender, double spokes and 215/65 tires. In addition to the optional 19-inch and 20-inch Audi sports wheels, the wheel arches are even slightly widened.

All versions are equipped as standard with a package of glossy decorative elements. The roof frame and window strips are distinguished by an aluminum finish, the roof column covers B and C are glossy black. The black optical package, whose dim areas on the bumpers visually lower the body, provides a more dynamic look. The S Line version also has black moldings on the sills. Optionally, the package can be equipped with black exterior mirror covers.

What about back?

The interior is no different from the classic C3 in the front, so I will refer you to a college college detailed exam in this area. In the "coup" version we are more interested in the rear. Or if I can fit under my falling roof with my 190 cm.

It's hard to find mistakes in the front ...

It's hard to find mistakes in the front …

The seats are anchored at the same height as the standard version, so it is not surprising that the sportback is less generous in this respect. If I read all my back, I have no opportunity to sag my throat, the only solution is to move forward on the seat cushion. Well, if you often carry adults back, the standard version is the better choice.

Variability but you'll find, which is very pleasant. I'm talking about the fact that the rear seats are sliding in the range of 130 millimeters in length and their three-part backrest is adjustable in seven steps.

... but I didn't have enough space in the back.

… but I didn't have enough space in the back.

The 530-liter luggage compartment behind the rear seats can be increased to 1400 liters by folding their backrest. The standard C3 offers the same 530 liters and a slightly larger capacity of 1525 liters. The case, however, is different in form – sportback is a flatter, it is longer and lower, which is the result of external dimensions. Even here, the luggage compartment floor can be placed in different positions.

Several engines to choose from

At the time of launch, one petrol engine and two diesel engines will be offered. The most powerful engine, the 2.0 TFSI with 169 kW (230 hp), is powered by Audi C3 Sportback 45 TFSI Quattro. The 2.0 TDI is for the Q3 Sportback 35 TDI respectively. Q3 Sportback 40 TDI Quattro, tuned to a maximum power of 110 kW (150 hp), respectively. 140 kW (190 hp). Later, a 1.5-liter petrol engine will follow the Audi Q3 Sportback 35 TFSI. It achieves the highest output of 110 kW (150 hp) and features a cylinder deactivation system.

The driving power of all engines is transmitted through the seven-speed S tronic transmission with extremely fast shifting and quattro all-wheel drive. Exceptions are both versions of the front wheel drive with 110 kW (150 hp) – 1.5 tfci and 2.0 tdi – also available in combination with manual transmission.

The suitcase has a capacity of 530 liters.

The suitcase has a capacity of 530 liters.

In sale in the autumn, guaranteed success

There are no predictions in the automotive industry. Nevertheless, I would like to say that in view of that recently in terms of customer interest, the Q3 Sportback will be a success. The closest competitors would be the BMW X2 or Range Rover Evoque.

From the three, the Q3 Sportback is the most reminiscent of the original SUV cup recipe. This belongs to the Bavarian neighbors of Munich, but in the solid class there are only four circles that rely on familiar aggressive shapes.

In an unspecified price, the novelty will look at the Czech market this fall, in a special version of the edition with gray and black accessories.

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