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Skoda in the Loss Test? Her behavior is not surprising


Skoda Skala has already passed Euro NCAP tests, which received a full star rating. But how will it behave in a demanding lottery test at higher speeds?

Skoda Skala has been given a number of safety systems that have already secured the full calculation of Euro NCAP tests. But how will he perform the lottery test, which could even torment even modern cars? In Spain's 77 km, Skala took on their familiar pole.

The test itself is always the same: the car is moving between a series of cones, performing a sharp evasive maneuver to the left and then returning to the original track with a sharp maneuver. The KM77 not only evaluates the maximum speed at which the machine is able to handle the maneuver without crushing the cones, but also the machine's behavior and its predictability.

The video Km77 was presented on his YouTube channel, including Three Loss Tests. In the first time, when the driver has no experience with this car, Skala plots into a dodging maneuver at a speed of 79 km / h and collides with one cone. When the test driver focuses on the maximum speed at which the scala was able to handle the track without cone, it could reach a maximum of 79 km / h.

Assessment by the driver shows that Scala always behaves in the same and relatively predictable way. During the first change of direction, a small stranger, and when he returned to the original track, the driver struggled with a slight oversteer. However, there were no major problems. However, we can see from the rating that the car is some time detaching from the asphalt through one wheel and only three turns.

Scala, however, remained relatively easy to handle even at higher speeds, which can be seen in the third attempt footage, when the driver passed the 83 km / h test. Along the way, two cones collision, but still holds the car under control and does not seem to be a major problem with its maneuverability.

During the test, the Skoda Skala "First Edition" 1.5 TSI is used in conjunction with an automatic DSG transmission. It is also equipped with an adaptive chassis. During the slalom, however, it turned out that even changing the chassis to sports mode did not affect the body tilt too much. Nevertheless, Scala's got a good score, although there are also some cars that have done better in some of the disciplines.

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