Reviews: Fantastic Animals: Grindelwald's Crimes (2018)


Continuation Fantastic animals this autumn is undoubtedly the most anticipated film. Magic Fiction by Jr. K. Rowling, who expanded the planned five-day series of prequels from the world Harry Potter this time brings us a much darker and potentially more perfect adventure than in the case of one who wore a wave of nostalgia and knowledge of new characters. Sequel, on the other hand, promises to bring many new ones, including the central duet, from which the story will largely develop, namely Dumbledore and Grindelwald …

Although Grindelwald was actually present in the first part, he now receives full attention because he (un) surprisingly proposes a subtitle of the film. From the very beginning, the film shows characters with a characteristic playfulness, to which we are accustomed to the enthusiasm of Rowling, while taking them back to new life challenges and turning around. There are references to a series of potters that was led by Nagini, an intelligent intelligent snake, which we saw along with Lord Voldemort. The jar is still in the form of a beautiful Asian girl who turns into a snake with a curse (and when it changes permanently). It is interesting that she will become an ally The Lord of Evil. Additionally, the trailer displays younger Albus Dumbledore with the faces of Judah Law, Brother Scamander Brother, Lete Lestrange and many others. Of course, there are also a lot of old acquaintances who will be very interested in choosing a customer for whom they will agree. Generally, this happens quite a bit and I would definitely recommend a re-view that I also have to give up.

Although Fantastic animals assuming that HP's knowledge (Erised's mirror, Wand's Wand, Nicholas Flamel and Stone of the Wise Men, the relationship between Dumbledore and Grindelwald Relics of death only a little "sink" and so on) serves the writer and script in honor of not working in his universe (officially named Witchcraft World) at the expense of drama and action. The film is fun, though it has a rather complicated plot, as well as sweet and smiling moments that are in direct contrast to the dark (and there is a beautiful couple). I think it's pretty good that I really like the movie. The story ran from place to place and we will play a part that will be fun to watch in the next three films. The characters are not straight, and I only have them, only under the guidance of Tilm, largely played by Eddie Redmayn.

Of course, I can not think of Grindelwald with the face of Johnny Depp. So, in my opinion, this is quite a good player, who slowly began to fall into the belief about the same and nothing that would say the role. His bad man is terrifying, fanatical, and dangerous. In addition, although it has similar goals, it differs considerably from severe evil in the form of Voldemort. In Grindelwald, I can imagine how charism is crowded by the crowds that Tom Rojvol Raddle showed in his youth. This is definitely a nice surprise (which is even more in the movie, and some will especially appreciate the fans of the previous series of magic films) and look forward to the next meeting with Grindelwald, Dumbledore and others.

The fact that Rowling is a great screenwriter with an exceptional ability to show characters is proven by the fact that he does not have enough. For example, there is a scene in which an incoming aurora requires Hogwarts to leave the classroom to listen to Albus Dumbledore. Instead of leaving the class, children look at the questions of their professors and do not leave until they give instructions. It's a small design, but perfect to understand how Dumbledore is respected and popular. These moments are more characteristic in the film, and I really enjoyed it when I saw them. The excluded network of relationships and reversals in which the film ends is perhaps a bit ultimately connected at the end, but it lacks the necessary dynamics (which is Yates own) and simply does not carry it, requires only the necessary attention. Of course, music is of great help, it is epic enough, and uses old known melodies to record nostalgia (yes, I mean "return" to Hogwarts).


In the movie Fantastic animals: Grindelwald's crimes In fact, I only have two major critics, one of which is enough to give her no higher marks than the previous one. The first and less important (and perhaps only my incomprehensible chronology) is the unusual continuity of the scene, when during the scenes, and only a few seconds, the next picture is going on for a long time. There are also some side branches that do not work anywhere (one of the characters is bad because it has a parasite, why and what the scene followed by treatment is so completely misunderstood, and suggests that the director Yates Rowling script may be slightly more "crossed" to avoid similar blind spots). But the second and greatest complaint lies in discovering who is the true Credence, the center of the confrontation of both camps – as in the first part. Because this is the perfect revelation to which the whole film is directed, and because of the great decline of Rowling in the history of the magic world. As a person who used to read books once, I do not think it seems to me a bit more in the sense of Grindelwald, and on the other hand, I still wonder how it will develop. We have three more films before us …

Fantastic beasts: the crime of Grindelwald
United Kingdom / United States, 2018, 134 minutes
Adventure / family / fantasy
Directed by: David Yates
Scenario: J. K. Rowling
Play: Eddie Redmayne, Katherine Waterston, Dan Fogler, Johnny Depp, Jude Law, Alison Sudol, Ezra Miller, Zoe Kravitz, Claudia Kim and others

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