Probably on the threshold of 26 K for the euro


The Krono is under pressure from the emerging markets, triggered by the US Central Bank, which was confirmed by other years. Over time, it turns out that the crown is sensitive to the geopolitical bottom, not to the neighbors (zloty, forint). Vink is relatively large, represented by foreign capital from the NB intervention period. The crown is impaired for approximately one day and is worth EUR 25.97, but it is likely that the EUR 26 limit is visible.


The euro, denominated in euro, was tied to EUR 1.15, where the dollar took the initiative again and pushed the price to 1.135 EURUSD. I am changing the trend, which confirms the 50-hour sliding average that went over the first 100 hours. The return of the euro to the lost value is indicated by the RSI indicator, indicating the characteristic of the dollar. The new currency will ask whether the dollar will be able to break the rebate to EUR 1.13. is the investment portfolio of Patria Finance a.s. with real-time data on domestic and foreign capital markets. We provide online information and analytical support from finance, macroeconomics and investment. Self-awareness is such a stressful investment advice and long-term investment is recommended. Shares, currencies, commodities, investments, recommended – in one view of the city.

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