Play Freddie Mercury. Queen's frontman will be for the scene


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Michael Kluch and Queenie band, which played for the album Albatross II, are performing in the music group. or Merkur's honor in Montreux.

The group was founded in Prague, founded in 2006 by a group of students and was recognized as one of the most respected global groups in the time of its existence, giving the Queen a great honor. They also play their models in original arenas and excursions, performances and concert theaters, and on television on several continents and hosts.

Only Michael Kluch, along with Freddie Mercury, appeared in other musical games, including Touha or Rent. Frontman Queen appeared on the previous evening of Freddie Mercury Freddie Monodrama or in the production of Horek at night. Psob in nmeck band Queen 2.

The new wave of Merkur takes pictures of Bohemian Rhapsody, played by American player with Egyptian legs Ramy Malka. For the first weekend, the film was only in the group with a hundred fans. Was Michael Kluch among them and how satisfied? On the moon you will be able to respond to a scene led by Monika Zavelov.

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