Nebušice crazy shot two dogs! They found a gun, suspected of hurting and hurting


"The man in Nebušice fired a dog!" Speaking at the Prague police on Thursday, he said. Several units immediately set off to stop the destruction of the psychopathy. The shooter was finally captured when the shooting dog carried the family. It turned out that the two dogs who apparently entered the garden were severely injured.

The cops had two long firearms. "Criminal proceedings related to suspicion have been initiated to endanger dangerous threats. One such activity will be a home tour, Jan Rybanský police spokesman said on Friday morning. However, the case was later reclassified at the time of the experiment and the disorder with the suspicion of crimes related to the physical offense.

According to the agency, the man had to target the owner of the dog, but none of them were injured or injured during the raid or later intervention. The man was taken to hospital to find out his psychological condition.

Shooting in Nebušice: Man shot the dog and fired another. He also targeted people.

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