Miroslav Hornek, actor, will celebrate this year for a hundred years


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Today, the mzhaus plz is called the opening of a town hall. I'm home again. By November 23, he showed Horn Theater career. For example, Ntvnci describes in detail his collaboration with Jan Werich and Milo Kopecko.

Vernisi pedstavmeojedinl picture of plush man Josef Ernova and original work from Mr Horne's apartment, in which he sat in his favorite wine, head of the department of culture, the head of the judge, Kvtue Sokolov.

So, today at the mini-festival of Pluto Theater And what kind of theater, Mr. Horn ?, which is until November 11th.

Veer can see the crowd by talking to some of the stars who have worked with Mr Horne. Guests, for example, will be actors Monika Vobov, Pavel Pavlovsk, DJKT Marie Caltov, lecturer with the actors of the Plutonian theater Radka Zima and Kubitov manel. Also, the actor and re-star Anton Prochzko will be wrong, said the director of opera and marketing films in Pluto, Anna Kupkov.

Guests can visit the public gallery of Mr. Miroslav Horna and a photographer's gallery of private and professional life.

Players Pavel Kikinuk and Bronislav Koti play with Two Mui comedians in Acha. Pluto called it Hornet hat Slam hat or Helen's mood.

The J.K.Tyll Theater prepared memorial sabotage nights, which will be held at 18:00 in the Velkm Theater. Organized by Anton Prochzka.

Monika Vobov, Pavel Pavlovsk, Martin Strnsk, Stanislav Topinkov Fotov, Chantal Poullain, Boleslav Polka, Ji Tak and Petr Kostka together with Carmen Mayer.

Due to the birth of Miroslav Horne we will name the foyer Malé scény at the Foyer Miroslav Hornka. The bronze busts will be revealed at the ceremony, says the director of the Martin Ottawa Theater.

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