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Callum Ilott needs to finish in the first two places to have at least a chance to win the title.

Dan Tiktum started the pole position in front of Darwala. In the second row, the adapters for the title – Schumacher and Ilott.

Schumacher had a solid start, but then massive breaks. Nevertheless, he managed to reach the second place in the 4th round. She handed him four laps later. In the next phase of the race, Schumacher started to fall and had to go to the pits (he does not need to build in the sprint). He returned to the track in 20th place, far from the eight points.

But Ilott was quite far from winning, possibly the second place and the fastest lap. In the second part of the race, Ilotta betrayed the tires and started to fall in the standings until he finally got out of points.

Daruvala got to the first place after several unsuccessful attempts. After Tiktum, Cunoda is still a great performer, finishing in second place.

Neither Schumacher nor Ilott scored in the sprint. Schumacher’s lead thus remained at 14 points, and after a European F3 title, he also won a Formula 2 title two years later.

Schumacher will drive Formula 1 next year with Nikita Mazepin.


P. Rider The team Loss Col.
1 Jehan Darwala Carlin 3.5 34
2 Yuki Tsunoda Carlin 3.9 34
3 And tiktum DAMS 5.6 34
4 Guanyu Xu UNI-Virtuoso 7.5 34
5 R. Schwartzman By racing 9.0 34
6 Giuliano Alessi MP Motorsport 11.0 34
7 Luca Ghiotto Hitech Grand Prix 13.8 34
8 Felipe Drogovich MP Motorsport 14.5 34
9 Nikita Mazepin Hitech Grand Prix 16.0 34
10 Callum Ilott UNI-Virtuoso 16.1 34
11 Pedro Piquet Charos racing system 17.0 34
12 C.Lundgaard Art Grand Prix 20.1 34
13 Louis Deletraz Charos racing system 21.8 34
14 Marcus Armstrong Art Grand Prix 23.6 34
15 Roy Nissani Trident 26.0 34
16 Marino Sato Trident 26.7 34
17 Sean Geleel DAMS 28.5 34
18 Mick Schumacher By racing 35.9 34
19 Guilherme samaia Campos Racing 59.7 34
20 Artem Markelov BWT HWA RACELAB 34
21 Théo Pourchaire BWT HWA RACELAB 33
Ralph Boshung Campos Racing 9

Championship ranking F2

P. Rider Body
1 Mick Schumacher 215
2 Callum Ilott 201
3 Yuki Tsunoda 200
4 R. Schwartzman 177
5 Nikita Mazepin 164
6 Guanyu Xu 151.5
7 C.Lundgaard 149
8 Louis Deletraz 134
9 Felipe Drogovich 121
10 Luca Ghiotto 106
11 And tiktum 96.5
12 Jehan Darwala 72
13 Marcus Armstrong 52
14 Jack Aitken 48
15 N.Matsushita 42
16 Jüri Vips 16
17 Giuliano Alessi 12
18 Artem Markelov 5
19 Roy Nissani 5
20 Pedro Piquet 3
21 Sean Geleel 3
22 Marino Sato 1
23 Jake Hughes 0
24 Guilherme samaia 0
25 Ralph Boshung 0
26 Théo Pourchaire 0

The course

34/34: Daruvala wins Formula 2 race for the first time. Schumacher is the Formula 2 champion.

34/34: Tiktum is back in second place, but it slips.

33/34: Ilott keeps falling. Kunoda walks in front of Tiktum

32/34: Mazepin in front of Ilotte, he’s out of points. Schumacher was 14 points ahead of the weekend and will remain the same after the weekend. Yesterday they both scored the same points, and today they will not score.

32/34: Ilott falls to eighth place.

31/34: Schumacher 18.

30/34: Ilott loses 10.5 seconds to win.

30/34: Ilott falls to 7th place, penultimate points …

29/34: The sixth from Ilott … now Schumacher is 10 points ahead.


  1. However
  2. Tick
  3. Tsu
  4. Joe
  5. Shaw
  6. Ilo
  7. However

27/34: Chou Kuan-yu in front of Ilott. Schumacher 19.

26/34: Kunoda goes ahead of Ilotta! Ilott tak 4.

25/34: Darwala goes to the lead.

24/34: Schwarzman, Chou Kuan-yu and Kunoda fight for 4 and lower places.

23/34: Schumacher’s fastest lap, but he could not get points for it, he would have to finish in the top ten.

22/34: Schumacher is out of points. Ilott needs to win or his second and ride the fastest lap, but it will probably be harder on worn tires.

21/34: Ilott is currently 3. In the first place he loses 4.5 s.

19/34: Schumacher fails! And he goes to the pits. He returns to 20th place.

19/34: Ilott for Schumacher

17/34: Schwarzman tried to get in front of Ilotta, but it did not work. Recall that he is a team of Schumacher.

15/34: Daruvala attacks Ticktum, so far unsuccessfully. Ilott is trying to do the same with Schumacher.

14/34: Déletraz got 5 s for leaving the track and getting an advantage. Kunoda back in front of Mazepin.

13/34: Darwala started dedicating himself to Tiktum, so Schumacher lost his DRS.

12/34: Mazepin ahead of Kunoda in eighth place.

11/34: Short VSK, there were fragments of the deletraz car on the track.

10/34: Ilott just behind Schumacher, but he has Daruval in front of him, so he can also use DRS.


  1. Tick
  2. However
  3. Sch
  4. Ilo
  5. Shaw
  6. Zko
  7. Dru
  8. Tsu
  9. Maz
  10. Poor

8/34: She donated back in front of Schumacher

7/34: Between Ticktum and Schumacher it is 1.3 seconds.


  1. Tick
  2. Sch
  3. However
  4. Ilo
  5. Shaw
  6. Joe
  7. Dru
  8. Maz
  9. Tsu
  10. Poor

4/34: Ilott took the fastest lap of the race. Schumacher is in second place before Daruval.

2/34: Schumacher drove the fastest lap of the race.

2/34: Schumacher third, Ilott right behind him. Kunoda dropped to 11th place.

1/34: Schumachr has a good start, but then breaks massively. Tiktum had the lead, Schumacher second, Darwala third, Ilott fourth.

13:20: Riders go to the warm-up lap …

13:18: Schumacher has already been confirmed as a haas driver. The same goes for Mazepina. Kunoda is a favorite on the seat in Alfatauri. Kunoda and Mazepin have to get a super license. But both have this already for sure.

13:14: Recall that in the sprint the scoring is different. The winner takes 15 points, only the first eight points. However, it is possible to get 2 points again for the fastest lap of the race.

13:12: Mazepin was penalized after yesterday’s race. The first eight rotates for the sprint. Dan Tiktum will start from the floor position in front of Darwell. Schumacher and Ilott (respectively) are in the second row.

13:06: The title will be decided between two Ferrari drivers – Mick Schumacher and Callum Ilott. Schumacher has a better starting position.

When will Mick Schumacher receive the title?

  • Schumacher has a lead of 14 points, Ilott has more victories (if the points are equal, he will win the title)
  • B: Shows that the rider is in the given position
  • If Ilott finishes the second without the fastest lap or worse, Schumacher wins the title regardless of his own result.
Ilott B Schumacher B
Victory + fastest lap +17 6 and better or 7 and fastest round +4
Victory +15 7 and better or fastest lap +2
Second + fastest lap +14 8 and better or fastest lap + 1 / + 2

13:04: Welcome to the online broadcast of the Formula 2 sprint, which is the last race of the series this year. The race will start at 13:20.

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