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Lucie Vondráčková and sports: Bike, boxing and now this? People are in shock!


After returning home, the singer and actress became a versatile sportswoman. Lucie Vondráčková tried another water sport after boxing. You're almost wondering that marriage with an athlete didn't work.

Lucie Vondráčková is a smile still returning from Canada to the Czech Republic. Although she returned to work, she still has enough time for sports, as evidenced by her institutional profile.

She shared photos on the scooter or bicycle saddle where she rode Stromovka. Then in the south of Moravia she climbed to the top of the Pálava hill. However, she did not cease to move even after returning from vacation.

She first shocked the fans when she posted the kicks of the gym kicking in a punching bag. Many supporters, however, realized that in the middle of a divorce battle with her husband Tomáš Plekancem had enough motivation to kick something.

The singer and actress, of course, felt negative, because the other activity she had for some time was non-voluntary. Even Vondráčková fell into an increasingly popular water sport called paddlingboarding. "To fall into the stars of Vltava and back to Vyšehrad," she wrote.

Given her hobby of sport, there is suspicion that the marriage to a successful hockey team didn't work. Plekanec replaced her with tennis player Lucie Šafářová, with whom she even waited for her third child. She has two sons with Vonrdčkov.

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