Lessons of efficiency. I'm afraid I will not give them a hoof


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Sm ml is a great source, the best pls in the fight. He is not, German Courtois tried to give his advice. It was a sack at a time when Zpadoei broke the goal. or pozd.

the mess did not slip, the mind was twenty-eight.

for at least twenty minutes they lost the least home loss

Do you think that the state is a blob?
Real has won deserved, but the result can be several scores. We started a while ago, we had two or one of the fluctuations in the background, and then he was born out of the blue when Nacho suffocated me. Then they were older and then he was Then you get a standard goal. In this case, you do not have a similar, similar race.

Do you think that Real promised any kind of ancestor that you gave him?
After a while, I looked at the statistics, for the best of them, that's a lot. They were not used for the last time in their home. It was everywhere here, suddenly blurred with Real Madrid, an alien tk.

But Plz was too close to the leadership. Guests were blown away.
It was terrible fast. Patrik Hroovsk noticed him there, Nach brought me back. If it were clay, it might seem different from the others. Maybe it helped. On the other hand, Benzema in the background, around himself, may have been in the game, but he did not even touch his umbrella. We saw the situation when we were ten for the balloon. If anyone took it and hit a hibiskus of thirty meters, no one has anything to do. But that's right.

Should the first objective of the target be avoided?
It could have been, even though it has been done for some time now. This was their first appearance, now it's the head, it's a meeting of clients. In two minutes it's like nothing else. You have to fight, but suddenly you are against such a game with probably nootope.

For the abduction of tribal species, there were two penalties for protection from the sun.
In the first position, it gave me time, but it was ermk. If I threw myself into my ass and stuck it, it would probably be good. I went to my boots, I came in a balloon so that the right and the glamor went away. And friendly? I was pissed off, otherwise the Courtois would have trouble.

Has Shizza clearly distinguished among others?
It's the whole world. The most famous club, nothing is wrong. We are very grateful that we have the potential to fight this. Although I did not go to Madrid, I took both of them.

What did you do after the first game of 0-4?
I'm particularly afraid that they will not give you. That would be too much. code, at least one estn gl we dt Real could be bad.


Victoria Plze – Real Madrid 0: 5

Was he aware that he had relieved him in the last half-hour?
we kissed, so we'll cluck, probably not. Many stayed in their midst and went on holiday. We also had many anti-subsidies, but we did not get them right.

Who competed with the opponent?
At first I was very happy Benzema. Real fans say they have nothing to eat, but they will be better tonka.

Did you take some shirt?
I was in the cabin and was young Asensio, and I went with nm.

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