Last warm weekend? The Czech Republic will come to a sudden cooling


Today it will be mostly cloudy, rarely floating. The highest daily temperatures will rise to 15 ° C. A similar situation will prevail over the weekend.

On Saturday, it will be cloudy, fog will emerge. Minimum night temperatures fall to 2 ° C, maximum daily temperatures reach not more than 15 ° C.

Also on Sunday will be mostly cloudy, sometimes light rain or rain. The lowest night temperatures will be around 9 to 5 ° C, and the highest daily temperatures will rise to a maximum of 16 ° C.

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On Monday temperatures rose slightly. The lowest night temperatures drop to 7 to 3 ° C, with the highest daily temperatures around 13-17 ° C.

On Tuesday clouds will be cloudy and rain or rain will appear
cloudy. Minimum night temperatures will increase slightly to 9 to 5 ° C, with the highest daily temperatures falling to 11 to 15 ° C.

In the middle it will be cloudy and the temperature will be around 5 ° C at night. The highest daily temperatures should be only around 12 ° C.

On Thursday there will be another cooling. Temperatures drop to 3 ° C at night and stay there by the end of the week. Temperatures will drop to 10 ° C throughout the day, where it will take place on Friday. The next weekend will be even cooler, with daily temperatures around 8 ° C.

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