In Poland the number of infected with measles is multiplied


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In Poland the number of infected with measles is multiplied

In Poland, measles infections are increasing, Health Minister Lukasz Szumowski has urged them to leave themselves and their children. AP reported today. In the Mazovsky Voivodeship, where the metropolis is located in Warsaw, 17 children have recently been infected with measles.

According to the Minister, the measles were infected only by children who did not allow their parents to be vaccinated. "It should be careful that we pay attention, let us be smart, let us be smart to vaccinate," said Szumowski, who tried to dispel the fear that vaccines could be dangerous for children.

He also stressed that children under 13 months of age are still ill with the vaccine. The only way to protect such infants against infections is to ensure an adequate coverage of the population, which should be at least 95 percent.

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Infection with measles is most dangerous in children under six years of age who can cause measles that cause life-threatening complications.

The World Health Organization (WHO) noted at the end of October that some countries in Europe, including Poland and the Czech Republic, lost confidence in the safety of vaccination, which resulted in an increased incidence of certain communicable diseases, including measles.

Coughing is a highly contagious viral disease. In the initial phase, the patient develops fever, runny nose, conjunctivitis and cough. Later, a rash that is deep red and tiny is noticeable. The rash begins on the head, it gradually spreads to the cheek, neck, abdomen and limbs.


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